Prevent WhatsApp Number Blocking/Banned 

WhatsApp has certain policies in place to maintain the security and privacy of its users, and if you violate any of these policies, your account may be blocked or banned. Here are some tips to prevent WhatsApp number blocking/banned:

  1. Use Delay Time: Use delay time as max type to sending message per user by message body, [standard 20sec to 30 sec]
  2. Use Multiple WhatsApp Number: You bulk message divert to multiple whatsapp device that you scan and connected to XSender application, XSender application automatically assign to multiple connected devices.
  3. Don’t Use http url link: If you send message with web link then must try to send https web link.
  4. Don’t Send Image Without Message: If you send Image or any media file must put some message text on message body.
  5. Don’t send spam messages: WhatsApp has strict policies against spam messages, so make sure you don’t send any unsolicited messages or spammy content. This includes sending messages to people who have not given you permission to contact them.

  6. Don’t use offensive language: WhatsApp prohibits the use of offensive language or hate speech, so make sure you use appropriate language when communicating with others on the app.

  7. Don’t send too many messages at once: Sending too many messages at once can be considered spam and may result in your account being blocked or banned.

  8. Use a verified phone number: Use a phone number that is verified and associated with your name. Avoid using a fake or temporary phone number as this may lead to your account being blocked or banned.

  9. Don’t share illegal content: Sharing illegal content such as pirated software or copyrighted material can result in your account being blocked or banned.

  10. Don’t create multiple accounts: WhatsApp prohibits the creation of multiple accounts, so make sure you only use one account per phone number.

By following these tips, you can avoid having your WhatsApp number blocked or banned. If you do get blocked or banned, you can contact WhatsApp support to try and resolve the issue.