Update 3.2.0 Available Now

Kindly uninstall the older version of the software. Then, only download the new version and installed it in your system.

Changelog 3.2.0

Changelog - 3.2.0 ( 12 December 2023) - Major Update
For All ->
* Added New Tool 'Get Poll Report' - it allows you to generate detailed report of poll which you sent to bulk numbers (for details go through updated UserDoc file)
* Added New Tool 'Social Media Data Extractor' (for details go through updated UserDoc file)
* Number filter - Added new field in results 'Is Business Account' or not.
* Number filter - Added 'Business Profile Extractor' to extract Business details if any numbers is using Business WhatsApp Account.
* Grab Chat List : Now you can Grab Your chat list based on Labels (Only for Business WhatsApp)
* Attachment filename was not same as original file name - Issue Fixed
* Manage Account- Not able to Delete Profile1 - Issue Fixed
* Google Map Data Extractor - Bug fixes
* Autoreply Bot - In Some cases Message Sending Delay  - Issue fixed.
* ChromeDriver Updated to 120 - Please Update your chrome version to 120
* EdgeDriver Updated to 120 - Please Update your Edge version to 120

For Rebranders->
* Now you can disable any tool from TOOLS section (i.e. Warmer) follow updated DeveloperDoc file.